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Accessible Youth Project

Project to raise awareness and care across society

We all like to go out once in a while
to a cafe, movie, or other activity.

But what happens when one of us is physically disabled?  
Can they join, or do they have no choice but to stay behind ...?

Accessible Youth, an application designed to raise awareness among teenagers regarding accessibility through examining different entertainment venues and rating their accessibility level.
The app will be launched in schools as part of learning about accessibility.

What does it mean that a place is "accessible"? Are people without disabilities aware of the different accessibility components?
There are so many aspects to accessibility, and those who live without physical disabilities are not necessarily aware of their existence / importance.
Is there a disabled parking space?
Is the table high enough to put a wheelchair under it?
Is the hallway wide enough for a wheelchair? Is there a ramp? Is there audio of written texts for blind people?

The Challenge
Our Solution

Through this social initiative, youth in Israel created an accessibility map that will increase awareness of accessibility in public areas for everyone.
Through workshops and classes that Israel Accessibility and Makom Lekulam (Place for All) run in schools, the students embarked on this Accessible Youth project - aimed at finding accessible entertainment for everyone.

This app is a practical database of accessible places that can serve many people who need it.
We hope that in addition to raising awareness, we will be able to pass on the data that will be accumulated to large and influential companies in the market, such as Google and Waze, in order for this information to be available, and all, without exception, will be able to go out and have a good time.

The Next Step
Our Partner
Two NGOs: Israel Accessibility, and Makom Lekulam (Place for All) 
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