A live photo album to aid in memory training for the elderly and Alzheimer's patients.

A Custom Memories Album designed to aid in memory retention as well as giving elderly and Alzheimer patients a means through which to get quality time with their families.

Memory problems and cognitive decline are known side effects of old age and are especially manifested in Alzheimer's patients.


Experts agree that brain training by appropriate stimulation can help slow down the process of memory degeneration.

Albi allows the user to be exposed to different events of his life in a variety of media, during a joint activity with a family member or accompanying therapist.

The app displays accompanying images and audio clips sent to the application by friends and family members of the eldery person. It allows him to play, with the help of his family, a variety of games related to his life and evoke emotional and mental stimulation.


Engaging in different periods in his life through the media allows for training of memory and quality family time.

The album consists of photos and videos, music, and audio clips from his memories or favorite things.

The system is intended for continuous use and allows the addition of memories while watching together.

It accumulates them forever in the family memory album - creating a time capsule.

The conversation takes place while looking at the album together and practicing the memory through the games based on the personal memories uploaded to the album.

The application includes

Creation of albums according to themes and characteristics

Viewing of albums and photos

Thinking games with different levels

Conversation about stories and experiences from their pasts

Sharing with family members

Every person  feels embarrassed and frustrated when they fail to accomplish a task that was once easy for them. At the same time there are several people dealing with Alzheimers.

 Albi adapts itself to users and allows simple use of the album along with experiences that inevitably lead to large, positive changes.

Albi was developed in collaboration with Malavav and with the support of Digital Israel.

It can be used in day care centers and nursing homes in educational settings encouraging intergenerational connection projects.


This product is developed by Hilma

Hilma is an NGO founded by high-tech executives in 2018 to make Israel a global leader in social high-tech (Social-Tech).

Hilma develops technological solutions in the fields of health, education, and welfare. The primary focus is on disadvantaged populations and people with disabilities and instituting technological and social leadership among young populations.

Hilma develops technological solutions for the target populations of nonprofits, hospitals, and government ministries.
This way, we empower both the disadvantaged and the disabled who use technological solutions and the social services providers in Israel.

Hilma has a vibrant development center in Jerusalem that houses 60 young developers

50 of them are women!