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Everyday assistant for people

dealing with mental crisis

A machine learning based messaging app that monitors the recovery process of people dealing with a mental crisis.

About 160,000 people are treated for mental health in Israel.


Many are asked to fill out a daily report on their condition and progress, but in practice they do not.

The Problem

Weekly meeting

With a therapist or support group

As part of the treatment process, the patients must perform various tasks and report on their daily performance

Patients have difficulty keeping up with the tasks and reporting to the therapist, so there is no monitoring of their condition

Continuum of care is interrupted and decreases the ability to intervene and assist in real time before the situation deteriorates

How can we increase patient collaboration with the rehabilitation program,

Encourage them to complete their tasks

And report it to the therapist?

The Solution

Each day, the patient receives questions that encourage action and empowering messages that are personally tailored to his / her coping - anxiety, loss, depression and more.


The system monitors its performance reports and responds immediately and personally.

All reports are stored in the database and allow caregivers to examine the pace of the patient's progress

*The system uses the Telegram messaging app and therefore it does not require embedding and changing user experience habits


Close monitoring of the patient's condition


Saves a report on the patient's condition and actions


Data collection for machine learning and behavior analysis


Personalization - Adapts the content to the specific patient


Immediate alert system for caregiver in case of crisis or deterioration detection


A management system that coordinates the data and statistics of all patients and provides an overview of their conditions


Automatically pushes calming content during emergencies


Uses the Telegram app without downloading another designated application

Amigo was developed for 'Enosh'-The Israeli Mental Health Association.
Sponsored by Bank Hapoalim and supported by the National Digital Israel Initiative under the Ministry of Social Equality.

The system can be adapted to any treatment system Mental or other that requires monitoring.


This product is developed by Hilma

Hilma is an NGO founded by high-tech executives in 2018 to make Israel a global leader in social high-tech (Social-Tech).

Hilma develops technological solutions in the fields of health, education, and welfare. The primary focus is on disadvantaged populations and people with disabilities and instituting technological and social leadership among young populations.

Hilma develops technological solutions for the target populations of nonprofits, hospitals, and government ministries.
This way, we empower both the disadvantaged and the disabled who use technological solutions and the social services providers in Israel.

Hilma has a vibrant development center in Jerusalem that houses 70 young developers

80% of them are women!

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