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Understand what you read.

Develops in-depth reading ability

and enables anyone to read, and simply understand.

TLD’R - too long, didn’t read!


In the digital era, readers are accustomed to flipping or scanning through text.

When they encounter a long text

they read the headlines and skim over the rest.


When they are required to work through high-level texts or simply texts that aren’t of specific interest to them - it proves to be difficult.

Step by Step:

An AI-based system to support comprehension and deciphering a text.


Capich presents the text in short pieces and enables understanding in a multi-sensory manner; through the combination of textual, visual, and audio representations that aid in deciphering and understanding the text.

Thanks to Capich, every reader can get to the “bottom line” and simply- understand.

קאפיש לוגו.png
קאפיש תלמיד.png

Different types of comments:

Texts, photos, and videos, and implementation of games

Audio-text clips

Split up into topics


Ability to record answers

The text comprehension is done independently by the student in an action-based and experiential manner that combines different ways of teaching reading and language skills.

Learning in Capich strengthens a variety of skills

Creative Thinking, Knowledge Assessment, Critical Thinking, the connection between areas of interest, fluency, and cohesion.

The system helps improve First Language and Second Language skills,

such as Hebrew for Hebrew speakers, Hebrew for Arabic speakers, Arabic for Hebrew speakers, English for Hebrew and Arabic speakers, etc.


Suitable for implementation in formal and informal education systems for different ages,

as well as training courses, preparatory courses for academic studies, and integrating graduates into the workforce.


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Read, understand, speak. Capish?

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