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Community Care

Assistance management system

for families in crisis


An automated management system to fulfill families’ need in times of crisis. 

With the intervention of a help manager, the help for the family is allocated amongst a variety of people

When a family is in a crisis and the surrounding community is interested in supporting them, there are usually many needs to be met over a long period of time

Today, the management of volunteers for family help in a community is not conducted in an organized manner. 

The responsibility of managing falls between multiple people and is not done in a way that simplifies the burden between the various volunteers

The Challenge
Our Solution

Automated management system for family assistance

The family help manager can define the areas of need to properly assist the family (cooking breakfast/lunch/dinner, transfers – days and hours, etc

Subsequently, they can offer the community to register for assistance in the fields suitable to them

The automatic system will recruit volunteers every day according to an algorithm to check whether they have volunteered, how many times have volunteered, while adapting to the specific need

  • The system is generic and can be adapted to various types of assistance, communities and organizations

  • The system maintains the privacy of the family and turns to helping only relevant people

  • The system coordinates all tasks and manages them with minimum external interference. However, it alerts the family manager when a volunteer is missing

Our Partner

Tamar for the Community - is a very unique model developed by 'Yad Tamar' in which the organization's training teams reach different communities and prepare them to deal with various crisis situations affecting the community or any member of the community

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