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Improving our understanding
of what is best
for those dear to us.


Spending quality time with an elderly or any individual suffering from dementia

is not always simple for volunteers, caregivers, or family members.

‘Feelings’ allows these people to learn what activities the individual with dementia enjoys the most thereby increasing the quality of that time spent.

The Challenge

Many people spend time with individuals suffering from dementia to brighten their day. 
Although the intentions are pure,

often the individuals do not enjoy these visits and activities. 
This can lead to the individual with dementia getting frustrated, causing the family member, caretaker, or volunteer to decrease the constancy of the activities -

leaving the individual alone more often. 


The Solution

‘Feelings’ tracks how the individual feels before and after each activity in order to learn which ones they enjoy best.

The individual and the activity coordinator both track how the individual feels or seems to feel, before and after the activity.

This enables us to measure as accurately as possible if the activity improves the individual's happiness.

It also enables the activity coordinator to see if they are reading the individual's emotions correctly. 

Through ‘Feelings’ we can maximize the enjoyment of each encounter between an individual with Altzheimer’s and anyone doing an activity with them.



Personal activities archive

Report on the elderly's feelings

The elderly's preferences

Leave comments and insights

for volunteers or therapists to come after me

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Management System

A system that provides all the information and statistics about the volunteers, caretakers, and individuals with Altzheimer’s in the organization. 


Average volunteer time


Individual’s degree of satisfaction


Number of meetings with volunteers and their dates

Information about the individual:

  - The times and/or days they are happy

  - What makes them happy.

  - Which volunteers they do well with

Information about each volunteer:

  - Which activities they ran

  - For how much time

  - Most popular volunteers among the individuals

'Feelings’ can assist a variety of target audiences. 
It is suited for Altzheimer's patients

who do not necessarily know how to express their enjoyment.

At the same time it is a network for volunteers and caregivers for the eldery, enabling them to learn from the data compiled in the application which activity is most suited to each elderly person.

Our Partners

This product is developed by Hilma

Hilma is an NGO founded by high-tech executives in 2018 to make Israel a global leader in social high-tech (Social-Tech).

Hilma develops technological solutions in the fields of health, education, and welfare. The primary focus is on disadvantaged populations and people with disabilities and instituting technological and social leadership among young populations.

Hilma develops technological solutions for the target populations of nonprofits, hospitals, and government ministries.
This way, we empower both the disadvantaged and the disabled who use technological solutions and the social services providers in Israel.

Hilma has a vibrant development center in Jerusalem that houses 70 young developers

80% of them are women!

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