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Good Point

Creating positive interactions

"All a child needs is one adult that believes in him"
(Rabbi Shlomo Karlibach)
Rachel Avigad and Naava Blisha,
teachers at Mamad Harova school,
initiated the "Good Point" project that they began
developing at Beta program for educators.
This project is pure good!
Its goal is to promote positive communication
and help teachers and parents
see the good in each and every student.
Because good brings about more good!
The Challenge

As of now, schools struggle to maintain positive communication between teachers, students, and parents. 

Usually, educators and parents contact each other to clarify and resolve conflicts or difficulties. Teachers are overwhelmed with dealing with violence and misconduct, and so they lose focus and forget why they chose to pursue education.  As a result, many valueble teachers no longer invest in their mission to educate.

Our Solution

"Good Point" - an application intended to encourage and promote positive interactions between teachers, students, and parents.

The app is installed for the educators at school, and directs the educator through reminders, templates and tips - finding positive attributes in his or her students.  The teacher writes a positive feedback message that gets sent to the child's parents, and cultivates positive communication between the parent and child at home.

A child that understands that his teacher saw him in a positive light, he will come to school in a happier mood, and more motivated to learn. 

The 'good points' are accumulated in each child's personal account, and one can extract from this account a document of all the child's good points for his report card.

The application is currently under the last stages of development, and will be available in the app store at the beginning of March.

Our Partner
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Rachel Avigad and Naava Blisha

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