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Hilma is a non-profit organization founded by Israeli Hi-Tech executives to establish Israel as a world leader in social-tech innovation.​

We recruit and train talented young volunteers from Israel and from around the world. They develop technological solutions in the areas of welfare, education, and healthcare for underserved populations and people with disabilities.


Our goal is to become a flagship organization that unites every person who shares the vision of “Tikkun Olam” (Improving the World) - making the world a better place through technology.  Hilma is the place where the Israeli ethos of “Start-up Nation” is combined with the age-old Jewish value of “Do that which is right and good”.

We empower the youth who are impacted through our projects, as well as those working with us, to take ownership of these views and continue our message within their communities.

What We Do

We work together to provide technical solutions to some of society’s most pressing issues

and much, much, more!

 Helping the elderly continue functioning within their communities

Providing support to parents of children with special needs

 Providing social networks for those on the fringes of society

Some of our projects

Hilma has had successful deployments in Israel

and are blazing forward!


Risk Questionnaire

Understanding your situation in every situation

אלבי מוקאפ 2.jpg


A virtual photo album for memory training

Old Lady


Creating a more enjoyable environment for elderly patients

using amigo.jpg


An interactive messaging app for mental health patients to track their day-to-day rehabilitation activities

Old Globe

We at Hilma want the technological solutions we develop to be used by as many people in need around the world as possible. We want to aid in the mission of improving life for communities throughout the world in whatever way possible.

Where To Next

How can you take part in Hilma's social tech revolution?

Young people who are looking for impactful internship opportunities...

Join JTech Leaders!

Jewish federations and organizations that provide social services and are interested in utilizing the technological solutions we have already developed, please contact us!

Merav Israeli-Amarnat

VP Partnerships

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