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Dry Desert


An app to manage emergency situations and rescue events for the Megilot Dead Sea Regional Council

Emergency situations are complex and require efficient management of vital information and reliable communication in real-time.
The app Megilot allows for this efficient management of emergency situations by collecting information in a fast and practical way all while creating convenient communication between the rescuers during an emergency.
Megilot accompanies both the volunteer and the coordinator at the time of the emergency based on their location, communication, and shared information so that they can manage the emergency in an efficient and organized manner.
Up until now, all the information in the organization, registration of the volunteers, equipment warehouse information, and communication between the rescuers were handled manually and in a decentralized manner. This made it difficult to condense and manage all of the necessary information during the emergency situation.
The Challenge
Our Solution
The app ‘Megilot’ allows the rescue coordinators to inform and create rescue teams of volunteers. The coordinator is able to send the volunteers updates about the location and description of the event at any given time. Our system also allows volunteers to join the rescue team and update the coordinator on his/her location and receive assignments for positions according to his/her professional training. The system automatically opens a group chat in the Telegram app where volunteers can share documents, photos, and audio files. At the end of the emergency situation, the coordinator can collect and save the details from the group to the management system and the event log becomes a police report form.
Our Partner
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