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Mifneh 2525

Come lead the Hi-tech revolution in Israel
  • An elite path for national service


  • Program duration: two years


  • Program begins: August 12, 2019

Mifneh 2525 is a new program designed for young men and women who are exempt from the army for medical reasons, among others.

The program is sponsored by Hilma Hi-Tech for Carmel 6000, a nonprofit venture established by Hi-tech executives to transform Israel into a global leader in Hi-tech.


As part of the two-year program, participants will receive comprehensive technological training and develop innovative software-based applications for education, health and welfare that will enhance the lives of large populations, specifically disadvantaged populations and people with disabilities.

In this rigorous program, you will be surrounded by the best minds of the Hi-tech industry. You will acquire specialized skills in a wide range of advanced development technologies and languages. You will gain a lot of practical experience in developing software-based projects and learn how to take a good idea and establish it into an excellent product.


For projects developed at Carmel 6000 - Hilma’s first development center, click here.

Who is the program for?

  • Scholars, graduates of physics or computers, or those fluent in English

  • Those exempt from the army for medical or other reasons

  • Someone with a proper head on their shoulders who is focused, able to commit, take responsibility and work independently 

  • Those who have a prior knowledge in programming - which is a significant advantage (but not mandatory)

  • Those willing to join a pre-service boot camp for three weeks in August

  • Those who’ve graduated the "Magshimim" program

How does it work?


Each candidate will be invited to successfully pass each of the following stages.

  1. Registration - filling out a personal questionnaire and submitting accompanying documents. Applications can be submitted up until 10.5.19 

  2. A small psychology test

  3. A full day of aptitude tests

  4. A personal interview

  5. And, yay! You’re in! If not-- that’s ok too :)

The Plan

Initial Training:

  • 7 weeks, starting on August 12, 2019 until the Rosh Hashanah holiday. These first three weeks are “pre-service” and will take place in Givat Ram’s boarding school campus at Hebrew University (keep in mind-- attendance is mandatory everyday). 

  • The first training will start with learning the technology of JavaScript, Firebase, React, HTML+CSS, and more. 

  • At the end of every week a Hackathon (mini project) will take place.

  • The university’s courses are intensive and mostly English-based (and equally fun!) 



  • The work is in teams of 5-6 developers. Each team receives a project and is in charge of planning and executing it. 

  • The teams are accompanied by a mentor from our Hi-tech senior staff.

  • By the second year, the projects are more complex and are then taken on by leading Hi-tech companies (meaning, this is the time to form professional connections). 


Hours of Operation:

Sunday-- 10:00-17:30

Monday-Thursday-- 9:00- 17:30


Mifneh will take place at Carmel 6000, a Hilma-developed center, in Har Hotzvim, Jerusalem.

Professional and Personal Empowerment:

During the year, dozens of lectures will be given on social issues, such as tours to familiarize students with the target populations of technological developments, visits to Hi-tech companies, participation in various technological events such as mentors, hospitality from abroad, recreation and cultural activities, lectures and conversations with senior officials in the public sector and in the business and technological sectors, advanced professional training courses, and more.

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