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Unfolding story game that aids in Hebrew comprehension.


'MilonBook' is an application that assists in Hebrew language speech training for Arabic-speaking students

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Munia, the application developer, completed High School at a Druze school in the north of Israel. By the end, she was sure her Hebrew was excellent and she was ready to study in an Israeli college.

When she called the Teacher Training College to apply, she ran into language difficulties immediately. The college representative stopped her mid conversation and told her, “first learn to speak hebrew and only then may you contact us again.” 

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That call immediately served as a warning bell for Munia. Only later it became a life changing milestone.

Druze and Arab students, citizens of the State of Israel, complete their studies in the education system without sufficient knowledge of the Hebrew language and therefore find it difficult to integrate into Israeli society.

Our Solution

An app for children in grades 4-6 that encourages them to speak Hebrew and exposes them to vocabulary

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The teacher puts new Hebrew words into the class dictionary every week.

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In turn, each student chooses a word and records a sentence using it. They must incorporate the theme of the previous sentences they have recorded, making a sort of story with a new sentence each week.

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The rolling story created by the students allows every child to listen to Hebrew and understand what is being said, speak Hebrew, and translate the word he chooses.

The story can be funny, original, and allows each child to express themselves.

Gamification - the name of the game!


While using ‘MilonBook’, the system rewards the child with points for various tasks he performs such as - recording a sentence, adding new words, and translating existing words.

The system includes a leaderboard that creates competitions within and between different classes.


What are you waiting for?

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This product is developed by Hilma

Hilma is an NGO founded by high-tech executives in 2018 to make Israel a global leader in social high-tech (Social-Tech).

Hilma develops technological solutions in the fields of health, education, and welfare. The primary focus is on disadvantaged populations and people with disabilities and instituting technological and social leadership among young populations.

Hilma develops technological solutions for the target populations of nonprofits, hospitals, and government ministries.
This way, we empower both the disadvantaged and the disabled who use technological solutions and the social services providers in Israel.

Hilma has a vibrant development center in Jerusalem that houses 70 young developers

80% of them are women!

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