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How to Write a Review for a Dissertation Abstract?

Feedback on the dissertation abstract is an important document that is necessary to protect this scientific work. As a rule, it is written by those scientists who are well versed in the field of research being conducted. To write a correct review of a dissertation work, you need to meet certain requirements. And it is about them that we will talk in more detail today.

Required number of reviews

There is no regulated figure here, but the rule of good form is to have at least eight reviews. It is also worth noting that each dissertation council has its own regulations on this matter, so it is best to discuss this issue with the secretary of the council in order to find out the exact information.

General requirements for writing reviews

In the response to the abstract, the full name of the reviewer, as well as the name of the organization in which he is a member, must be indicated. Here it is necessary to note the postal and e-mail addresses and phone number of organization.

The review must necessarily reflect the relevance of the scientific research under consideration, the appropriateness of the conclusions drawn, scientific novelty. This document must be available in two copies. It must also be certified by the personnel department not only with the signature of the author, but also with the seal of the organization.

A review of the dissertation should be written only after carefully reading the content of the abstract of this work. The reviewer should indicate both the pros and cons that he was able to notice in this study. Criticism should be objective, with arguments from the text in favor of its point of view. The review should contain a three-part structure: introduction, body and conclusion.

When summing up, you need to write how independent the work considered by the reviewer is, whether the hypothesis is fully justified, whether the graphic material corresponds to the text of the study itself, whether it is possible to introduce these developments into production, as well as a conclusion about whether the applicant should be awarded the desired degree or no.

Correct writing of a review for a PhD thesis

It is worth remembering that incorrectly written and compiled reviews can delay dissertation defense, so you should immediately approach this matter responsibly. As a rule, the Discouncil chooses official opponents. The applicant has the opportunity to independently propose the desired candidates for this place, but then it will be necessary to obtain prior consent from opponents.

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