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How To Speak French Q&A

Does anybody know how to speak french?

I really like this guy but i don't speak frenh and can't get it on my computer so does anybody from homework helper websites know how to say i really like your music and your style of clothes do you speak english

Who knows how to speak french? Could u translate these for me? please, only answer if u know french, no babel fish or any other translators1. I understand that it is easy to forget to walk your dog. Thats why I'm here2. I have given you my contact information, so simply call me whenever you need me.3. I usually walk dogs around the park, and I charge by the hour.4. I do not walk dogs later than 9 00pm and no earlier than 7 00am

How can I learn how to speak French Canadian?

I live in NY, but I want to go to college in Montreal, how can I learn French Canadian?


What are the best ways to learn how to speak French ?

So, I'm thinking about moving to montreal next year, I wanna learn how to speak french using studydaddy before i get there. I know you can go by speaking english there but I've been wamting learn french for a long time now, I know the basics but I really wanna master this language or at least get to the point where I can have an openDialoguee with a french speaking person. Idon'tt want to go to an institute cuz I haveproblemss committing and they costallott of money, sowhatt are the best home learningtechniquess or programs that are good.Please no dump answers I dont think Immersion is the beat way, Immersion is like school and I'm in college now, I want take a french class but it waill not teach from the basics. 

Which is Better Pimsleur or Rosetta Stone?

I want to learn Turkish so that i can get by better in school, and my parents are open to me using a language learning program to do it.Pimsleur's website says i can learn a new language in 10 or 30 days. It sounds rediculous and my dad doesn't buy it. I've heard great things about the Rosetta Stone program but its really expensive Which is better ? I want an answer from someone who has tried both preferably. But if you have tried one of the two can you tell me about your expirience with it?

Fastest way to learn Japanese? Pimsleur or Rosetta Stone? Going to Japan in the spring.How should I go about learning to speak the language?I have Rosetta Stone and Pimsleur. Which do u think is best?Was told not to use anythign else with Pimsleur so I wasn't thinking of using both

I need to become pretty much fluent in Russian in a little under a year, pimsleur or Rosetta Stone? I'm moving from New York to Russia by next summer and I really want to be able to converse freely in Russian by then. I heard that Rosetta stone just works with giving you basic vocabulary skills and doesn't help you master a language fluently, however it is very interactive and fun to use. I haven't heard much about Pimsleur other than it has lots of levels and that it really works. Any recommendations? I would like to purchase one and start as soon as possible so I really would appreciate some advice thanks < 3

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