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TalTech Bootcamp


By Dr. Nicholas Marshall, PHD, 2019, Smart Ride – Ride share options for children with disabilities, providing an easy to manage user interface which allows parents to track where their children are at all times. Niche in the market of the P2P Transportation Network Companies. The app allows parents to communicate specific needs and sensitivities that their children may have given to drivers in advance.

ASD Report

By Hillel Katz, Marketing intern, 2018, “what should I do” app (Kedai Li app) The primary educational methodology within our app is to model acceptable behavior using stories. This helps the child understand how to act in a given social situation, whether this situation occurs regularly or only occasionally.

Effectiveness of eHealth

By Mary-Catherine Enow, marketing intern, 2019 Amigo (aka Maddy) project, it is a chatbot that is meant to be used as a tool to check-in with patients regarding their mental state and to remind them to take their medication.