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Cognitive rehabilitation for head injuries

An app for personal and group therapies to strengthen cognitive abilities and hasten the rehabilitation process from home

The Challenge

People suffering from cognitive impairment, whether due to illness or injury, need constant cognitive-strengthening therapies with progress that can be easily tracked by a therapist or doctor.

In addition, it is difficult to transport patients from their homes to treatment centers regularly, and therefore an at-home cognitive training system is crucial.

Our Solution

A stimulating app based on the card game SET that requires the patient to actively exercise various brain regions. 
The system allows the therapist to control the difficulty levels and various components of the game according to each patient's situation and to receive accurate progress analyses - all while the patient is home. 

Our Partner
The National Institute for the Rehabilitation of Head Injuries is the first and leading source in the mental, social, occupational and family rehabilitation of those who have suffered brain damage, completed the previous stages of rehabilitation and are now required to reintegrate into the family, community and employment. 
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