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Managing a daily agenda for children with autism

Unexpected changes in the agenda and schedules are always a challenge, but for children with autism, they are especially difficult.

Therefore, we have developed an app that indicates what their agenda is at any given moment, providing a sense of orientation and control.
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The TimeIT app is soothing and  accompanies the child during school hours, increasing thier ability to cope with changes more easily.
 Today, the school staff spends a lot of time, effort and financial resources on making customized cards for each student, to maintain a clear and regular agenda. Tabs are often lost, and every morning they have to be found or created again. When there is a mid-day change in the schedule, the change is not updated in the tab panel, causing the child to have outbreaks and disorientation.
The Challenge
Our Solution
An app that allows the student to lead his or her agenda without the physical intervention of staff members by emphasizing an early warning for any change. When a change is made on the agenda, the child is notified on the screen and can choose an alternative lesson he would like.
At the Albasma School in East Jerusalem, a school for children with autism, the system and positive reactions are now embedded.Teachers only have to build the classroom once, freeing their time to be more available to their students. On the other end, the students are calmer and feel more in control.
And us? We would love to share this app with other schools.
The Next Step
Our Partner
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