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Remote training app for disabled athletes

Many athletes, especially those with wheelchairs, have a tendency to suffer from shoulder and elbow pain as a result of excess use (mechanical inflammation).

This is a known phenomenon called overuse. To reduce inflammation, the athlete's daily exercises and coach's tracking is required.

That's why we developed 10Katef,

An app that promotes the health of athletes, that encourages daily physical therapy exercises for disabled athletes, and enables the coach to track the athlete's exercises and progress.

The Challenge

Following a daily set of exercises, developed by physical therapist Dr. Saleky Garcia Gomez, who works with disabled athletes in Spain, brings impressive results in maintaining range of motion, strengthening muscles, and preventing inflammation of the shoulder and elbow.


The problem is that athletes do not consistently do the daily workout, and the coach has trouble keeping track of each athlete. This challenge intensified with the outbreak of COVID-19, as long-term isolation was imposed on athletes.

Our Solution

An app that contains the exercises in three categories: warm-up exercises, exercises for strength, and flexibility exercises.

Each exercise has a verbal breakdown, accompanied by a short video demonstrating the exercise, and a vocal explanation for athletes with visual impairments.

The app reminds the athlete when it's time to do the training and allows the coach to track the athlete's progress.


The application is designed for all those who are wheelchair-bound, and those who participate in sports in which the shoulder is dominant.

It facilitates the health of athletes in many industries - basketball, rugby, tennis, biking, swimming, rowing, kayaking, badminton, swimming and more

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