JTech Leaders
Internship programs in Israel

Hilma- Tech for Impact is a non-profit organization founded by Israeli
Hi-Tech executives to establish Israel as a world leader in social-tech innovation.
We recruit and train talented young volunteers from Israel and from around the world, and together, they develop technological solutions in the areas of welfare, education and health care for disadvantaged populations and people with disabilities.

After a successful deployment in Israel, these solutions will be distributed worldwide for the benefit and use of those who need them. 


Our goal is to become a flagship project that unites every person who shares the vision of “Tikkun Olam” (Improving the World) - making this world a better place through technology. 

JTech Leaders, Internship programs (time framed 2-5 months or 12 months), are designed for those who wish to create a social impact through technology. You will get an authentic experience of what it’s like to live and work in the heart of Jerusalem. You will not only work directly with the Hilma team but also in conjunction with Hi-Tech companies, as well as collaborate and integrate with the other teams within most of our programs.


Ideally you share our goal to develop and create innovative applications and solutions in the areas of welfare, education and health for disadvantaged populations and social organizations.


You wish to create solutions, which not only tackle social issues but also have a measurable business model with economic feasibility.

Our programs

Our internships include but are not limited to: