We believe that everyone has the right to enjoy a good life, filled with support and empowerment.


We are not the heroes of our story. No, the heroes are the children, the elderly, the sick, those with special needs, all of those who can and should receive more. 


Every day, we come to Hilma with one goal in mind: to pay attention. To listen carefully. To open our hearts. To think outside the box. To support those who need us. One small step at a time. And then another.


We are a part of something far larger than ourselves. We believe in something more.

What’s our story?

After years of entrepreneurship and Hi-tech management, we decided to create Hilma—Hi-Tech for Society.

As entrepreneurs, we built start up companies that grew to be big, successful, and impactful, but now we want to use technology to impact our society for the better, because we believe that technology has the capacity to improve quality of life immensely. 

Our Goals:


To nurture technological leaders, training a new generation of young women and men who will change the landscape of the Israeli Hi-tech world.


To enable social service organizations to better meet the needs of their targeted populations.


To develop innovative technological solutions geared towards traditionally under-served populations.


To transform Israel into a proud global leader in social tech, contributing to the fields of welfare, health, and education.

The Board

Yossi Tsuria

Israel Yagel

Eli Ayalon

Dr. Yael Villa

Dr. Michal Tikochinski

The Team

Michal Ophir

VP Projects

Merav Israeli-Amarnat

VP Partnerships


Israel Yagel

Yossi Tsuria

Founder & CEO

Michal Yagel

Head of HR 

יוסי צוריה

Director of Development

Shmuel Sam Bendahan

Moshe Kranc

Technology Advisor

Dr. Shlomo Kipnis

Co-Founder & EVP Training and Academic Relations

National Service Advisor

Yaffa Perkel

Mirriam Yizhaki

Tech Mentor

Tech Mentor

Zahava Feldman