Our Projects


community care

Family assistance Management system in crisis

perpetual calendar

Timetables- reminders for important dates in the Israeli calendar- on Google Calendar

Volunteer Pool

A smart system for locating volunteers in real-time across the country.

Small Money

Financial literacy for young people with disabilities

Substitute Teacher

An app for schools to easily book a replacement teacher


An interactive messaging app for mental health patients to track their day-to-day rehabilitation activities

Alimony Calculator

A calculator to determine the amount of alimony in a divorce

Healthy Plate

An interactive game to encourage healthy eating habits among children


Smart Keyboard for learning to type

Connect & Remember

Dedicated to the Israeli Memorial Day- enables thousands of live video encounters


A remote training app for athletes in a wheelchair who need daily shoulder belt reinforcement.


A smart screen for children with Autism

Immediate Help

An app for minors and helpless people to report when they are in risky and dangerous situations


An app for diagnosing and monitoring head injuries and rehabilitation

Wonder Wheels

Reverse sensors for wheelchairs

Expose IT

An app to strengthen hand-eye coordination in children with Cerebral Palsy

Rak Bari

Digital entrance card to the workplace
In accordance to the public COVID-19 regulations


A memorial site for the Jewish Corona victims in the world


A communication app accompanies people in isolation due to Corona Virus


A virtual photo album for memory training

Hebrew Calendar

An app to build a personal calendar in Google Calendars


A transportation management system specialized for children with disabilities


A motivational exercise program that increases physical activity with music

Good Point

Creating positive interactions


A daily testing system for the general public to map the corona spread- for the Weizmann Institute.


Managing an agenda for children with autism


A gaming interface for encouraging self-learning among students


A virtual spinning top app for children with deficient motor skills


A system for patients in hospitals to easily call for help

Yad Vashem

An app for users to complete a self-guided tour around Yad Vashem