Our Projects


Play Smart

Adjusting board games to the level of each and every player

The Good Index

The National database of volunteers during COVID-19

Safe Cards

The way to keep those dear to us safe after rehabilitation

Measure Kid

Assessing the child's height and weight for immediate treatment of intensive care


An app to manage emergency situations and rescue events for the Megilot Dead Sea Regional Council

Substitute Teacher

An app for schools to easily book a replacement teacher


A system for patients in hospitals to easily call for help

Yad Vashem

An app for users to complete a self-guided tour around Yad Vashem

Accessible Youth

An app to map wheelchair accessible routes

Immediate Help

An app for minors and others to report when they are in dangerous situations

Small Money

Financial literacy for young people with disabilities

Catch Me

An app to strengthen hand-eye coordination in children with disabilities


An application for creating videos instead of taking tests


Text comprehension through active reading aided by a variety of tools


Managing an agenda for children with autism

Wonder Wheels

Reverse sensors for wheelchairs


An interactive messaging app for mental health patients to track their day-to-day rehabilitation activities


A memorial site for the Jewish Corona victims in the world


Smart Keyboard for learning to type

Connect & Remember

Dedicated to the Israeli Memorial Day- enables thousands of live video encounters


An assistive app for schools during science labs and classes


A gaming interface for encouraging self-learning among students

What Should I Do?

A “create-your-own-adventure” app for children with ASD to improve coping with sudden changes and planning in advance


A transportation management system specialized for children with disabilities


An initiative to promote integration throughout Israeli classrooms


Accessible learning about heritage sites throughout the country


Creating a more enjoyable environment for elderly patients



A daily testing system for the general public to map the corona spread- for the Weizmann Institute.


A communication app accompanies people in isolation due to Corona Virus


An app for diagnosing and monitoring head injuries and rehabilitation

Hebrew Calendar

Timetables- reminders for important dates in the Israeli calendar- on Google Calendar

Volunteer Pool

A smart system for locating volunteers in real-time across the country.


A virtual spinning top app for children with deficient motor skills

Rak Bari

Digital entrance card to the workplace
In accordance to the public COVID-19 regulations

Expose IT

An app to strengthen hand-eye coordination in children with Cerebral Palsy


A remote training app for athletes in a wheelchair who need daily shoulder belt reinforcement.


Agenda Management Application for Adults on the Autistic spectrum living in group homes


Unfolding story game that aids in Hebrew comprehension

Healthy Plate

An interactive game to encourage healthy eating habits among children

Risk Questionnaire

Understanding your situation in every situation

Community Care

Family assistance Management system in crisis


A smart screen for children with Autism

Alimony Calculator

A calculator to determine the amount of alimony in a divorce


A virtual photo album for memory training

Hebrew Calendar

Hebrew Calendar

An app to build a personal calendar in Google Calendars

Good Point

Creating positive interactions


A motivational exercise program that increases physical activity with music

Yom Terua

“And on that day a great shofar will be sounded”