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A virtual memory-training photo album for Alzheimer’s Disease patients

Alzheimer’s is degenerative disorder characterized by memory loss and behavioral dysfunction.

This disease makes it challenging for those with Alzheimer’s to recall names, people, places, and events from the past. 
An old picture or object can serve as a key that reopens repressed memories.

MyLife app provides shared memory strengthening activities between the patient and their respective family through visual and auditory stimulation which evokes repressed memories. The app helps personal meetings be interesting, meaningful, and engaging for both sides.

With the debilitating intellectual effects of dementia, we want to increase the patient’s self-esteem with constant training and memory stimulation. Additionally, we hope to facilitate better relationships between the patient and their family through shared generational experiences.

The Challenge
Our Solution
  • MyLife - a memory app for Alzheimer’s patients consisting of a personalized family album designed to encourage positive cognitive reinforcement while playing memory games.

  • The album consists of pictures and videos from personal family history, as well as memorable photos, music, and audio clips related to the user.
    As the family looks through the virtual album together, they will strengthen their memory skills.

  • The system is designed for use during family gatherings and enables the addition of photos while watching together and saving them forever in the family memoir.

The Next Step

The data collected from the results of the games in the album can serve as a basis for learning and research to delay the development of Alzheimer's disease.

Our Partner
Supported by the National Digital Israel Initiative,
Ministry of Social Equality.
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