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An advanced, multilingual communication system that helps people access services and receive reports in routine and emergency situations.


Organizations that provide social services need to communicate efficiently with all their target populations when sending out messages such as changes in meeting times, “Tzeva Adom” - siren warnings, and lockdown instructions.
The organizations try to receive up-to-date reports from the target populations to make sure their needs are met. The reports may prompt an exchange of messages. They need to converse well with all the populations they are working with which usually includes non-Hebrew speakers.

Today, the most popular app in Israel for sending messages is WhatsApp. Sadly, it 

doesn’t provide an interface that will be best effective for social organizations.
Currently, when a service provider wants to contact the service recipients he has to manually prepare a message in every language he wants.

We recognize a need to utilize WhatsApp to send and receive messages in a manner that will aid a social organization's needs. 

Translego is a multilingual  chatbox that can translate messages in both directions automatically.

The Translego system:

bridges the language gaps between service providers and recipients in textual and digital context like messages and questionnaires


enables the service provider to write a message in Hebrew and the message will be sent automatically to each person in their own language

enables the  recipient of the message will be able to reply in his own language and his answer will be sent back to the system in Hebrew


The system also sends out short, multilingual questionnaires for many purposes. One is to check the emotional and physical health status of those in isolation (due to the Coronavirus) without requiring too much effort from the service provider.

Translego is an advanced system using Amigo,

an interactive chatbot system developed at Hilma for social purposes.

amigo desktop mocup.jpg

Our Partners:

Multi-service center for the deaf in Beer Sheva and the Negev that provides counseling, treatment, and rehabilitation services for those with hearing impairments and their families.


This product is developed by Hilma

Hilma is an NGO founded by high-tech executives in 2018 to make Israel a global leader in social high-tech (Social-Tech).

Hilma develops technological solutions in the fields of health, education, and welfare. The primary focus is on disadvantaged populations and people with disabilities and instituting technological and social leadership among young populations.

Hilma develops technological solutions for the target populations of nonprofits, hospitals, and government ministries.
This way, we empower both the disadvantaged and the disabled who use technological solutions and the social services providers in Israel.

Hilma has a vibrant development center in Jerusalem that houses 70 young developers

80% of them are women!

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