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Catch Me

Strengthening hand-eye coordination for individuals with cerebral palsy

Have fun and while you're playing, improve those motor skills!

Catch Me displays an object on a screen at a pace that adapts to the child's motor and cognitive abilities. Upon successfully grabbing the object, the child receives lots of positive feedback, encouraging continued play. 
The Challenge
Have you ever thought about what computer games children with disabilities can play? Because of many children's disabilities, they can't enjoy most mainstream games designed for their age. 
Our Solution

Catch Me allows players and therapists to choose from a wide selection of characters. The figure moves on the screen until the player manages to catch it. Upon successfully doing so, the player receives much personalized, positive feedback, encouraging continued play. The player's results are recorded, providing critical motor and cognitive progress analysis.

The Next Step

Together with the ALEH team, we continue to try and create even more innovative solutions for this population.

Our Partner
 At ALEH Jerualem, students and residents of the ages 0-35 live and study together. The vast majority of students and residents also have significant motor disabilities, in addition to the mental challenges they face in their day-to-day activities, including everything from self-care to recreational activities.   
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