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Interface for building games by the student to encourage self-learning

"Children have real understanding only of that which they invent themselves"
- Jean Piaget
Dafna Zaid, an English teacher and coordinator, initiated Creatush to enable children to learn and discover new things in a personal, creative, and effective way.
The Challenge

Many students face difficulty learning the English language.
They are often asked to learn English in ways that do not arouse interest and curiosity.

Creatush -- a system that gives students a personal learning process through preparing an activity / learning game. The activity created by the student is reviewed and evaluated by a teacher, and is available to other students for their enjoyable learning as well.

Creatush is a user-friendly site. It allows students to prepare activities easily and efficiently while learning from their friends' games. In addition, the system allows teachers to assess their students' knowledge and progress, and even to guide and accompany their learning.

Our Solution
Our Partner

EdStart is a unique, national, Ministry of Education program that cooperates with Israeli Digital Headquarters of the Ministry of Social Equality, the Association of Industrialization, and the Israeli Association for Advanced Industries, all of which aim to identify, empower, and enable exceptional and breakthrough education technological initiatives that will work to revolutionize the education system.

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