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Healthy Plate

An online card game to encourage healthy eating habits

An interactive game to improve dietary habits and increase awareness of a healthy lifestyle for elementary school children. 
Roee Higashai, a physical education teacher suggested the idea behind “Healthy Plate” which he began to develop with EdStart.
Together with Roee, we thought of how to expose children to different types of food groups and to improve their regular eating habits.

Roee Higashai

The Challenge

Many young children do not have an understanding of proper nutritional habits. 

Some schools teach a few classes on this topic, but these lessons do not instill a desire for substantive changes.

Our solution is to integrate Healthy Plate in the classroom, presented as a multi-staged process with different activities. 

During lunch at school, a teacher will put Healthy Plate on in the classroom for the students, whose objective is to collect the most nutritious meal with all the necessary food groups. 

This will encourage students to participate in a collaborative, team effort by learning which foods are healthy and which to avoid. Best of all, while the students play, they are enjoying, laughing, and having fun. 

Our Solution
Our Partner

EdStart is a unique, national, Ministry of Education program that cooperates with Israeli Digital Headquarters of the Ministry of Social Equality, the Association of Industrialization, and the Israeli Association for Advanced Industries, all of which aim to identify, empower, and enable exceptional and breakthrough education technological initiatives that will work to revolutionize the education system.

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