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Hospital alert system for patients

A hospital alert system that allows patients to call their nurses for help
HospiCall allows patients to receive a timely and efficient response from the nursing staff. The system monitors the patients' calls and enables the staff to provide an appropriate response in a timely manner, according to the level of urgency.
The Challenge
In hospitals today, patients can call for help by pressing a help button. This button produces a signal in the nursing team’s center; however, the call doesn't communicate the details of the patient's needs such as necessary equipment, so the nurse’s response is less timely and effective. If no one answers the call, it remains unprocessed, so many alerts remain unanswered for a long time. Additionally, at night, the alarm disturbs other resting patients in the ward.
Our Solution
Each hospital bed will be fitted with a tablet containing a simple alert system. Patients will be able to request specific help and send that request directly to their nurse. In the event of an emergency call, each staff member in the department will receive immediate notification.
The system includes:
Personal tablet for each patient
Immediate response, as needed
Pain level monitoring
Emergency call
Adjustable equipment setting
Control and documentation of the level of service and treatment

We started in the maternity ward, but just like birth, it’s only the beginning…

We plan to expand the system from the maternity ward to the infant ward and beyond, to improve the relationship between patients and staff. We also hope to implement this system in hospitals all across Israel, in order to improve the quality of treatment and service, nationally.

What's next?
Our Partner
haddassah hebrew.jpg
Hadassah Hospital, on Mount Scopus, gave us the challenge of creating an app that can serve the needs of nurses and patients in the maternity ward, enabling immediate, personal, and efficient aid.
Supported by the National Digital Israel Initiative, Ministry of Social Equality.
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