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Smart Laboratory

An app for junior high and high school science laboratories, which offers students a platform where they can enter their experiment results and view their peers’ results in real-time.
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Nimrod Barkai

Nimrod Barkai, a science and biology teacher, brought us the idea behind “Labrador,” which he began to develop with EdStart. Together, we explored classroom experiment processes and studied how to best motivate students.
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The Problem
Our Solution
Labrador allows teachers to choose from a range of experiments, guiding the class through the whole experiment. Labrador provides instructions, offers a platform for student results, and processes the data into a graph that student can see real-time. The teacher has access to student results and can choose how to display them.
The Next Step
A science lesson with real-time results, projected on the board, for everyone! And, now? Well, we are already starting to develop something new. We will allow teachers to build their own experiments for their students.
To this day, students perform laboratory work individually, not collaboratively. The results are then managed by each of the laboratory instructors, making it challenging for students to compare data with one another and between classes.
Our Partner

EdStart is a unique, national, Ministry of Education program that cooperates with Israeli Digital Headquarters of the Ministry of Social Equality, the Association of Industrialization, and the Israeli Association for Advanced Industries, all of which aim to identify, empower, and enable exceptional and breakthrough education technological initiatives that will work to revolutionize the education system.

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