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Measure Kid 

Assessing the child's height and weight for immediate treatment of intensive care


The correct dosage of medicines and the appropriate sizes of medical devices are crucial in the success of the treatment of patients arriving for emergency treatment

The height and weight of the child determines the proper dosage of medicine
The application determines the dosage accurately and allows physicians to receive immediate feedback by rendering the child’s information.
The Challenge

When a patient arrives in the emergency room, the doctors need to asses the proper dose of medicine to administer and sizes of equipment to use.  Physicians around the world are required to measure the length of the patient by using a broselow tape bar and the markup on the ruler

In practice, the measurement is cumbersome and takes time. In cases of emergencies, physicians  estimate the child’s height and weight at first glance, and give the treatment according to this evaluation

The percentage of the mistake is greater than 10%, endangering the patients’ lives

Our Solution
An application that calculates the height and weight of the patient by measuring the patient and the bed he or she is laid upon. The calculation is done by using machine learning  and finding the ratio of the patient's height to the bed with which its positions are known in advance. The result displayed is a rank in the ruler and the list of the doses and the size of the equipment to use
Our Partner

Dr. Giora Weiser runs a child screening department at Sha'arei Tzedek hospital And the Authority for Research and Development / Scientific Sha'arei Tzedek

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