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An interactive smart screen for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder 

It is difficult for children with autism to make eye contact, which is a significant impairment in creating interpersonal relationships. Therefore, we’ve created PeekaDo, an app which encourages maintaining eye contact among other necessary social cues.

Children with autism are characterized by a developmental disorder that makes it difficult for them to interact socially and communicatively.
We want to offer different communication options that will assist their developmental skills. 

The Challenge
Our Solution

A screen that mirrors!
As the user passes the screen, they will see a visual of themselves, just like in a mirror. 
Seeing their own image will capture the child’s attention, encouraging them to make eye contact.
PeekaDo is based on facial recognition technology and can identify any child in the system.
When the system identifies the child, they will begin to engage in activities that require communication at various levels. 
Games meant to improve the focus of a child’s gaze, such as songs and quizzes, are suggested. Each game is adapted to each child’s personal level and interests, helping the children learn new things and expand their interests.

Additionally, provided tools will help improve various skills that will increase independence and, as a result, self-esteem.
And, of course, we'll make sure they simply enjoy!

Our Partner
 A school at the Zionist Youth Farm is for teens
(Adolescents and Adults) diagnosed with medium - low functioning Autism / P.D.D
Supported by the National Digital Israel Initiative, Ministry of Social Equality.
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