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Jtech programs

STEAM Gap Year Program

1 year
August, 2020-June 30th, 2021
You will be immersed into an intensive 7-week Web-Development Bootcamp focusing on Front-End Technologies. The Bootcamp consists of 3 weeks at Hebrew University and 4 weeks at a hi-tech firm. You will learn technologies such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, React, Firebase Database, and GIT. It is hands-on learning with a focus on developing self-learning capabilities. Each week of the Bootcamp has 30 hours of studying and 20 hours of projects and exercises.
Ideal candidate will have:

• Strong academic or pre-academic background in Science, Technology, Engineering, and/or Mathematics (STEM).
• Good analytical and synthesis skills, “hands-on” approach to problem-solving, and desire for learning new technologies.
• Enthusiasm, “can-do” attitude, curiosity and determination.
• Good communication skills, ability to work individually and in teams

With Hebrew University
We’re pleased you’re applying to join us in Jerusalem.


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