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Jtech programs

UX Expert

2-5 Months
We are seeking talented UX Designers. The role of the Digital Designer UX is to lead and create new and exciting experiences for our websites and mobile apps (including future channels/devices).
Ideal candidate will have:

• Experience as an UX designer or Visual Design background
• Excellent understanding of user centred design
• Skilled in the use of various software tools, such as Sketch, InVision, Axure, Flinto, Principle etc.
• In-depth understanding and experience with native app design for both Android and iOS
• Ability to carry out user research to reveal usability issues hindering the customer journey
• Ability to produce visual aids such as wireframes and prototypes to propose and demonstrate UX improvements
• Good understanding of multivariate or A/B testing

We’re pleased you’re applying to join us in Jerusalem.


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