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Red Lights

Because the duty of reporting is the responsibility of each of us 

Did you listen to the dream

Have you blessed peace

A lone person walks in front of you

you will never know

What goes through his soul...

(Jonathan Razel)

Red Lights Initiative Welfare - built to enable instant reporting, when needed, to Call Center 118 easily, quickly and without any need for identification.

The Challenge
Many people today suffer from neglect, abuse, or other harm.
The one to notice this is often a neighbor, school teacher, or the neighborhood grocery store owner.
Many times, the person who notices is afraid to call the authorities and report because they don't want to be identified.
Our Solution

An app / website, that can be used on any smartphone.
Through this technology, it will be possible to report any unusual incident relating to a student / senior / helpless person / person with a disability through a structured, short questionnaire.
After completing the questionnaire, the sender can choose whether to identify themselves or remain anonymous.
Call Center 118 will enable a team to track Red Light calls and direct calls to appropriate staff members.

Our Partners
ministry of labor and social
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