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Musical Motivation

Exercise is challenging for everyone, including children disabilities.

So we’ve developed an app that inspires and motivates movement through music.
Songo encourages children with disabilities to move, walk, and ride by adding a soundtrack and a whole lot of joy to their exercise.
There are many health benefits to regular exercise. Consistent physical activity can boost mood, prevent disease, and be a source of joyful leisure time. Children with disabilities often find movement challenging and can sometimes benefit from extra motivation.
The Challenge
Our Solution
Songo is an app that recognizes the pace of movement and plays music from a personalized playlist. Stopped moving? The music stops as well. Simple, no?
As long as you keep moving the music keeps playing. At Beit Issie Shapiro children are using Songo to learn to ride bikes, operate their electric wheelchairs, and improve their walking endurance. Coming soon: adding a tool for therapists to track and monitor progress.
The Next Step
Our Partner
Beit Issie Shapiro, based in Ra’anana, is one of Israel’s leading non-profits providing services for people with disabilities. Songo was born out of the desire to help children with disabilities learn to ride a bike and with the understanding that music is a big motivator for many. Songo is a great tool for everyone, encouraging movement through the joy of music.

Supported by the National Digital Israel Initiative, Ministry of Social Equality.
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