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Substitute Teacher

Finding a replacement—in a click

The "Substitute Teacher" system helps schools promptly find replacement teachers who are suitable for specific age groups and subjects.

Eli Huli- An educator that  brought us the idea behind "Substitute Teacher" which was developed with EdStart.
The system is now available for use in schools for assistance in finding a replacement teacher. 
The Challenge

Teacher absences affect the continuity and quality of teaching and learning processes.

Many schools are unable to promptly locate suitable replacement teachers for the age group and subject, resulting in many valuable study hours being wasted.

The "Substitute Teacher" site contains a large database of reputable replacement teachers, cataloged according to availability, proximity to the school, age group and profession.

With this app, schools will be able to book a substitute teacher efficiently and seamlessly. 

The substitute teachers will be able to mark their preferences and will subsequently receive messages when a time slot is available.

Our Solution
Our Partner
EdStart is a unique, national, Ministry of Education program that cooperates with Israeli Digital Headquarters of the Ministry of Social Equality, the Association of Industrialization, and the Israeli Association for Advanced Industries, all of which aim to identify, empower, and enable exceptional and breakthrough education technological initiatives that will work to revolutionize the education system.
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